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Sam & Alex
  • Sam & Alex

  • Please excuse the absurd amount of images in this post ... but THIS WEDDING !! Coordinated by the always amazing Anne Mann at Molenvliet Vineyards, the high energy and authentic love at this we dding was incredible.  Sam,an interior designer by trade, definitely influenced the attention to detail with the decor and flow at this wedding. And Heikes flower designs were incredible !!! Both Sam & Alex were so easy going on the day and got really caught up in all the moments !! An extremely memorable wedding for me to be a part of ! Congrats guys.[...]
Maxine & Chris
  • Maxine & Chris

  • Coordinated by Anna from Anna Marcelle Weddings at Cavalli in Somerset West, this was a gorgeous wedding to be a part of ! Both Maxine & Chris are super easy going and there's no doubt they're madly in love with each other.  Besides the fact that Maxine photographs beautifully [Chris, you clean up pretty good too!] there was a really great vibe throughout the day and evening. I wish you guys all the best !!  [...]
Nic & Ross
  • Nic & Ross

  • WOW !! That's all I can say about this amazing engagement party turned surprise wedding. Nic and Ross' guests had no idea what was about to unfold ! 2 hours into the 'engagement party' a woman standing on the upper balcony started belting out a song and suddenly Nic & Ross, led by their families, made their way through the crowds towards a pop up chuppah where they were about to get married ! After the ceremony guests were led upstairs to a pre setup, visual feast of color and food that was unlike anything I've seen before !! Coordinated by the AMAZING Anne Mann this was an experience I'll never forget !! .[...]
Romy & Marco
  • Romy & Marco

  • Portuguese weddings are awesome ! They are filled with an amazing high energy, lots of family and a traditional element that's really beautiful to photograph ! Romy & Marco got married at Ashanti Estate on a windy winters day, but that certainly did nothing to dampen Romy's constant excitement and non stop smiles all day. Congrats guys !! Was a pleasure being part of your incredible day x [...]
Elizabeth & Lee
  • Elizabeth & Lee

  • The energy at this wedding was amazing ! I could tell as soon as Elizabeth & Lee were in the same room they were properly, madly in love with each other ! Family and friends came from all around the world to celebrate and they did just that !! Coordinated by Thereza from Creation Events and held at Rockhaven farm in Elgin this winter wedding was cold but had a whole lotta soul !!
Jonathan & Kay-lee
  • Jonathan & Kay-lee

  • I've never seen a bride smile/laugh uncontrollably as much as Kay-lee !! The happy, positive energy was practically palpable throughout this day. The venue was Val de Vie Estate on a very windy day, hence the interior ceremony but this made absolutely no difference to Kay-lee. She was marrying her man and that's all mattered. Both Jon and Kay-lee's families are such great people - I really sensed an authentic, appreciative spirit throughout the day. It was an absolute pleasure documenting this special day !! Warning : these photos contain a large amount of happiness !! browse with caution [...]
David & Megan
  • David & Megan

  • Coordinated by Izandi from IDO4U weddings, held at Lanzerac Wine Estate David and Megan chose to have an intimate wedding with close friends and family. They wanted a very unobtrusive approach to the photography which is what I specialise in !! This was my kinda wedding ! I took a very reportage approach and really focused on finding moments without being noticed throughout the day. David & Megan, it was an absolute pleasure documenting your day ! You guys rock !
Caroline & Italo
  • Caroline & Italo

  • This was the most intimate wedding I've ever photographed !! The entire wedding party consisted of 4 people including myself and the marriage officer ! Italo & Caroline decided to, instead of holding a massive wedding in Brazil, spend their wedding money on an extended honeymoon around South Africa and get officially married along the way. We started at Llandudno beach where the long ceremony lasted a whole 10 minutes and moved over to a secret little beach for their couple shoot. This was so much fun ! Intimate, short and different. Hope you guys enjoyed your first experience in South Africa xx
Laura & AJ
  • Laura & AJ

  • Coordinated by the legends at Wedding Concepts, Laura & AJ's wedding took place at Molenvliet on arguably the hottest day of my season. But what an incredible day ! Everything from the guests to the amazing decor to the good energy flowing throughout the day made this wedding an absolute pleasure to photograph. Check out Trevor from Hand Stitched Films gorgeous video here
Greg & Sindy
  • Greg & Sindy

  • With close to 500 guests, coordinated by the incredible Anne Mann and countless people behind the scenes, this wedding was honestly one of the most incredible visual feasts I have ever been a part of ! Held at Vergelegen, each part of the day took place in a different area of this incredible venue's expansive grounds. From the ceremony in the oak forest to pre drinks by the Manor house to a reception in a MASSIVE flower filled see-through structure [Heike really outdid herself on this one!!] to a silent disco in the forest late at night, this was truly a night I'll never forget. And then Greg & Sindy, amongst all the spectacle were so grounded and such a pleasure to photograph. Real, humble, good people which made this experience even more memorable for me !!
Ricky & Tiffany
  • Ricky & Tiffany

  • What a beautiful wedding !! Tiffany looked like a bride out of a fairytale and yes, Ricky cleaned up pretty good too :) Held at Brenaissance Wine Estate in Stellenbosch on a perfect weather day with a very relaxed vibe, this day flowed seamlessly and I got some incredibly beautiful moments throughout. Ricky and Tiff you guys are incredible together. I hope to reconnect if you move back to Cape Town.  
Marco & Jacky
  • Marco & Jacky

  • Portuguese weddings. They're always BIG. Lots of guests, a crazy amount of extended family and yes, they also know how to party !! Jacky and Marco got married at the beautiful Ashanti Estate . Everything from the venue to the decor to the dress code, and especially the couple themselves had this classy, elegance reminiscent to the bygone era of 1960's Hollywood. They were also incredibly easy going and such a pleasure to photograph. Jacky & Marco you guys ROCK ! [...]